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After years of running online businesses we have finally found a reasonably priced, quick and easy billing solution with all the features you need to succeed.

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by Tim Allix

One of the most difficult aspects of running one’s own business is collecting on receivables. It is one of those annoying Catch 22 situations: if you don’t offer terms to your prospective customer, you might not get the customer. On the other hand, if you do offer credit to your prospective customer, you might not ever get paid. Billing is also time-consuming and annoying, as it usually entails a long string of processes; writing up the invoice, printing it, and then faxing or mailing it. If mailing it with snail-mail, still the most common form of sending bills, you must always have a ready supply of stamps and envelopes, which add more cost and time to the billing process.

From the customer’s standpoint, paying your bill is a hassle. They have to write a cheque, find a stamp and an envelope, and send their payment by mail. Or else, they have to phone with a credit card. The entire cycle of billing and getting paid probably consumes around 2 or 3 per cent of your profit in lost time and materials. The customer, who not only hates paying bills, but must also go to some effort to do so, may forget to pay you, which initiates a whole new cycle of wasted time in recovering your payment.

Your computer, if running smoothly and correctly, is the ultimate business appliance, and combined with a remarkable service called Freshbooks , you can transform the billing process into an almost painless process, and also make it easier for your customers to pay you.

Freshbooks is a program that runs within your web browser. You simply log in to and you have all the invoicing tools you will need to streamline your billing process. Freshbooks also has a timesheet, for logging projects, and even a built-in timer that you can use if you are billing by the hour. If you are a consultant, as I am, you can generate an invoice while still at the customer’s location, using the customer’s computer, and email the invoice directly to him.

Freshbooks also interfaces with most of the popular credit card processing gateway services that are available, and if you subscribe to this extra plug-in, your customer will receive a link in his email giving him the opportunity to pay the invoice right away with either a credit card or a paypal account. No stamps. No envelopes. No waiting. No hassle. Freshbooks has a nice clean, intuitive interface, and all the common billing functions will be easy for anyone who is already familiar with accounting programs such as Quickbooks or Simply Accounting.

If your business bills the same customer the same amount each month, Freshbooks has a nice feature for automating your monthly billings. You can store customer credit card information, and with the customer’s permission, Freshbooks will automatically debit the card each month without his or your user intervention. Freshbooks will simply send you an email informing you that the account has been paid.

Freshbooks is not intended to replace accounting programs like Quickbooks or Simply, as these programs still provide value. However, Freshbooks is better at invoicing and timekeeping, and will produce very detailed month and year end reports for entering into your favorite accounting package. Best of all Freshbooks will reduce the time spent chasing your customers for payment, while significantly increasing your chances of being paid immediately.

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