5 Jetpack Tips: CSS, Sidebar Widgets, Comments, Site Verification, Math

5 Jetpack Tips: CSS, Sidebar Widgets, Comments, Site Verification, Math

WordPress Jetpack Modules in 2016.

Wordpress1. Custom CSS

…With a little CSS and Jetpack, you can make those changes and customize your theme just the way you want to without touching your theme’s files or creating a child theme. And all your hard work is preserved if your theme gets updated!

2. Extra Sidebar Widgets

…The Extra Sidebar Widgets module adds:

  • Google+ Badge Widget, to link your Google+ page to your site.
  • Social Media Icons, for adding icons for the most popular social networks to your sidebar or other widget area.
  • Gravatar Profile, to pull in your Gravatar image along with some of your Gravatar profile data.
  • Gallery Widget, which lets you display a photo gallery or slideshow in your blog’s sidebar.
  • Display WordPress Posts Widget, to display up to ten recent posts from another WordPress.com blog, or another self-hosted WordPress site using Jetpack.
  • Facebook Like Box Widget, for adding a Facebook Like Box for your Facebook Page to a sidebar.
  • Image Widget, which lets you add images to widget areas in your theme
  • Twitter Timeline Widget, to show your latest tweets within a sidebar.
  • RSS Links, for adding links to your blog’s post and comment RSS feeds in your sidebar.

This unassuming feature adds a lot of extras! Try them on your own site — as long as your theme has widget areas, you can use them.


Jetpack Comments replaces your default comment form with a new comment system that has integrated social media login options that lets your readers use their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or WordPress.com user account to comment on your site and helps break down the barriers between you and your audience…

4. Beautiful Math

…Powerful markup language for writing complex mathematical equations, formulas, and more. Jetpack combines the power of LaTeX and the simplicity of WordPress to give you the ultimate in math blogging platforms.

5. Site Verification

…Typically, verifying your site for webmaster tools requires adding a hidden “meta tag” to your page or changing a DNS entry. Since this isn’t always the easiest thing to do if you’re not technical, Jetpack’s Site Verification tools are here to help. You can find them under Tools → Available tools in your site’s dashboard. A simple interface lets you add your content meta key without having to edit your site files:

Enter the data required from each service and save. Jetpack will take care of adding that information to your site to satisfy those services.

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