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About Us

Many years of experience…

Building, marketing & fixing lots of websites.

We have solutions for your website and online marketing challenges.

Full service: We provide it with 1-on-1 attention for every client while delivering website solutions that work for small businesses & service companies.

Our clients:  Businesses in many industries, from health practitioners to crane operators, located in Vernon, BC, Canada & around the globe.

Our goal: provide solutions for our client’s website & business automation challenges…

Reducing tech overwhelm and making your business look great online. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Tired of technobabble programmer buzzwords? Don’t worry, we’ll discuss your website and business needs in simple English, by email or in person.

Troy Assaly,  AboutWebsites.ca Owner, has experience communicating with all kinds of folks from a range of businesses all over Canada. He’s held several management positions, including Hudson’s Bay, Sunkist Growers, Blackcomb Mountain, Canadian Snowmobile & ATV Adventures, Eagle Ski Snowboard & Golf Tours and most recently www.Whistler.ResortAc.com.

Troy started out with an entrepreneurial flare, running several businesses while in high school and for two years after graduation. Earned a Commerce Degree, majoring in Marketing & Computers, from the University of British Columbia.

Through this broad experience base, including establishing & running Whistler internet businesses, Troy has gained valuable insight into business & effective communication. Small companies, big companies, flush ones and not-so-flush ones… he’s been there, done that, and doesn’t regret a minute of it.

Troy Assaly, Web Specialist

Why do business with Troy Assaly?

  • Smart marketing guy with 4-year UBC Marketing / Computer Degree
  • Extensive training in website marketing & direct response marketing
  • Experience in various business arenas
  • Driven, organized, self-starter

With decades of experience setting up and running businesses, Troy is your go-to guy for effective website design, marketing & business automation.



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