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Since the beginning of Internet time, even before Google, we’ve built relationships with every one of our happy customers. Watch this video overview to find out more about Troy and how he helps clients like you.

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Some people might call me a website mechanic, website renovator, digital marketer, or a search engine guy. I’m not sure exactly what the correct name is for somebody that does what I do, but what I do know is that my purpose is to increase your business and reduce your cost of advertising. That’s my mission.

I’ve been doing that for my own business for the past 18 years, before Google started actually. We created the very first website for vacation rentals in Whistler Resort. In fact, we had one of the very first websites in Whistler and I’ve been busy marketing and building websites for the tourism market in Whistler resort for a decade and a half now.

Over those years, I attended plenty of search engine guru conferences, learned a lot about: programming, programmers, web hosting, servers, security, and all sorts of technical issues.

By necessity, I really drilled in and focused on how to get more traffic from Google and how to increase the number of website visitors that actually fill in the form and press the submit button. That’s my specialty.

Also, over those years I’ve worked with many people on their websites, servers, and their marketing challenges. I have quite a broad experience working with a variety of clients in several different industries from all over the world.

It is most efficient and interesting working with business people that have some idea what they’re trying to do. It’s a lot easier to solve a problem when you know a little bit about what the problem is before you get started.

As opposed to just pumping out a quick and dirty website, what I prefer to do is to get inside your head for a little while and figure out what your business problem is and then recommend the solutions that I think will help solve that problem.

At the end of the day, if I can solve your problem then I’m happy and you’re happy and you’ll get more business.

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