OkanaganPaddleboards.com :: Rental & Retail Website

OkanaganPaddleboards.com :: Rental & Retail Website

Rainer & Jan are entrepreneurs who started up a beachfront rental & retail shop in Peachland and needed a virtual brochure and customers, fast.

We worked with Rainer on putting together the information about their rental business and encouraged him to snap some nice sunny-day photos with his iPhone. That gave us a start.

Next, we added text and photos of the retail boards, paddles & accessories, then sent Rainer on his way to marketing on the Internet.

Since Rainer was working from a portable office, he needed an easy way to send invoices and process credit card payments for large transactions. We set him up with WAVE accounting and Stripe payment processing. Amazing new, free, software for automating billing and collections.

Stay tuned for Rainer & Jan’s next Peachland business venture…


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