WhistlerVideo.com :: Video Curation Website

WhistlerVideo.com :: Video Curation Website

It all started with a $700 lipstick cam hooked up to a Sony camcorder… my dreams of being the Whistler video guy.

That was before the days of YouTube, GoPro, POV, and igadgets with cameras built in. A long, long time ago.

Tech has changed, but the concept is still a good one. Tap into travelers who want to preview into resort before they arrive there.

My goal with this video curation website is to deliver that preview… and possibly get some vacation rental reservations or sell some lift tickets to curious website visitors.

A work in progress for sure, but worth showing now that YouTube is overtaking Google search traffic.

If video exists in your business niche, chances are good that a video curation website would grab new eyeballs and help to drive your search traffic too.


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