TennantBiomodulator.ca :: Natural Pain Relief Website

TennantBiomodulator.ca :: Natural Pain Relief Website

Bob was looking for an easy way to set up the Canadian Distributor website for Tennant Biomodulator in the competitive natural pain relief niche.

A hands-on kind of businessman, Bob wanted to have a step by step plan on how to get his content onto Google page 1. We came up with the plan based on the most important search keywords for Bob’s business.

Bob also needed an easy content management system so he could add his words and images to his website and then keep his website up to date. We suggested Composite.net and he liked it.

In order to give Bob’s new site credibility and a more professional look, we suggested our quick and inexpensive logo design services.

We went from concept to Google page 1 site in under a month. Nice work.


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