Local SEO Tips :: Silo Structure

Local SEO Tips :: Silo Structure

How to Build Websites that Google Loves

Chris Winter is  a master at building WordPress sites that rank on Google page 1 for local search keywords.

Here are important bullet point’s from Chris’s 2013 webinar:

Top Silo On-Page SEO

  • 500-700 word article with city name and phone number.
  • H1 highest search volume keyword, H2 second highest search volume keyword, H3 3rd keyword.
  • Photo Title = citation (company name, address, and phone).
  • Photo Alt Text = keyword.
  • Photo Caption = same as alt text.
  • Use SEO plugin.
  • Check page source for H1-3, keywords, title, and description.

To view these SEO concepts in action, check out Winter’s demo site: www.mobilemechanicaustin.net

After watching the webinar from Chris, I realized that the Silo concept has many aspects to it. One big concept is website navigation… and how WordPress deals with it.

Leo Dimilo talks about how WordPress navigation, by default, reduces the impact of silo’ing in his video here:




For a very detailed explanation on  ‘How to Create A Silo Structure in WordPress’  check out Stephen Cronin’s website here.

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