Inspiration for the Self Employed Entrepreneur

Inspiration for the Self Employed Entrepreneur

Perry Marshall is a major influence in my self employed life. Perry has a knack for motivating me with his steady flow of business instruction emails.

This one arrived Monday morning. It rings true for me. Please take a minute and see if you can milk some inspiration from Perry’s words…

Is Monday the New Friday?

If you’ve truly escaped the Dilbert Cube – and not merely created a new one for yourself – then Monday really IS the new Friday.

Every day where you get to wake up and do what YOU decide is important to you is Friday. Even a cloudy, rainy Monday in March.

Dirty little secret: I did not become an entrepreneur so I could “Spend more time with my family.”

It’s sort of like when Fortune 500 CEO’s step down to “Spend more time with my family,” it’s usually code for “I got sacked cuz I wasn’t hitting my numbers.”

My 8 year old just came in right now while I was typing and sat down next to me. I love my kids to pieces. But that’s not why I work from my home.

I work from home so the trip from the shower (where ideas germinate) to my keyboard (where I take action on those ideas) is only 20 steps away.

I work from home so my office can be a Birthplace of Inspiration, a Writing Cocoon, Man Cave, Library, Musicquarium, International Training Center, Acoustics Lab and World Headquarters.

I created a business to pursue and fund my passions. I knew if I was locked inside of Dilbert Cube Correctional Center for the rest of my life, Monday would forever just be… Monday.

I started a business to make sure the work that I do for the rest of my life would be MEANINGFUL work.

The clock ticks. My friend Jayme McGhan put it like this:

Staring at the microwave timer ticking down. Blatantly aware for the first time of each moment that is being shaved off of this mortal coil. And then the timer dings and I’m like, “Yay! Popcorn!”

Whether it’s 2 1/2 minutes on your Microwave, 2 1/2 decades on or your last job, you only live those minutes or years once.

What do you believe about life? What do you believe about Mondays? Do you believe you’re going to toil by the sweat of your brow and fight everyone and everything until your frustrations win out and you lose heart and return to dust?

Or do you believe you will do something passionate and meaningful and alter the course of the world?

Are you enjoying the ride? Are you pursuing your dream with passion and vision?

Or are you just attempting to make your monthly nut?

If you only aspire to make your monthly nut, you’ll probably struggle to accomplish even that.

If you do something great, paying your bills will be a natural byproduct. The least of your concerns. Your brain won’t even have room for trivial things like the price of gasoline or your electric bill.

What re-invention of your business will make you BOUNCE out of your bed tomorrow morning, hungry to tear into the challenge?

Perry Marshall

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