Every Business Website Must Have 3 Things

Every Business Website Must Have 3 Things

After a decade of building websites for clients, it’s clear to me that most entrepreneurs have no idea where to start.

Here are the top three ‘must-haves’ for any website, provided by the master niche marketer Glenn Livingston…

If you’re REALLY struggling, I’ll bet my pancreas you’re missing at least one of the magic 3.

Answer these questions honestly, right now:


1. What, specifically, is the desperate problem you’re addressing on your site? And HOW desperate are your prospects, really? (Can you help them feel more desperate by re-positioning yourself?)


2. WHY is your solution unique? Fill in the blank in detail “Only my product or service can solve their desperate problem because only my product or service has or does _______________”


3. Why the hell should they believe you? Where’s your PROOF? Have you overwhelmed them with it?


I’ve been listening to Glenn for years and his advice is damn good website marketing advice.

Follow this link to read the whole article.


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