Save Money on AdWords 0

Save Money on AdWords

Google AdWords Quality Score vs. Bid Price Formula. More targeted ads, offers & landing pages result in better placement at a lower bid. Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance...

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Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips 0

Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

What LeadPages Learned from Interviewing 60+ Experts 2 choices to increase your online revenue: 1. Increase your traffic or 2. Increase your conversion rate. According to LeadPages, they always start with #2,...

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Is Social Media Marketing Any Good? 0

Is Social Media Marketing Any Good?

Depends… Social Media Marketing is Not Always the Answer for Small, Local Businesses — by Mary Bowling Many small businesses believe that social media marketing is crucial to being successful online....

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Is Facebook Good Marketing? 0

Is Facebook Good Marketing?

Some Businesses are Giving Up on Facebook There is a new trend in social media these days. As a web marketing consultant, one of the most common questions I get is,  Does Facebook marketing work? I must...

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