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Val is great friend who has done well in the natural health business for decades, but she isn’t crazy about learning new web stuff…

We worked together, from the basics to the finished website, to train Val how to build her own site with Microsoft FrontPage.

Day by day, product by product, Val created content-rich pages that pull in traffic from valuable target keyword searches.

This site is getting dated now, and FrontPage has been discontinued by Microsoft; however, the site still pulls in lots of valuable leads for Val’s natural health business.

It’s always a pleasure for me to work with clients, together, to create a valuable marketing tool for their business.

It is often possible to copy and paste traditional sales materials into a new website to get the ball rolling… then ad some of your own personality and expertise create a website that generates valuable business leads.

This website may not win any artistic design awards, but it is very effective at generating new customers at a very low cost per lead.


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