5 Questions to Help You Create Better Landing Pages

5 Questions to Help You Create Better Landing Pages

Create Customer-Centric Landing Pages to Increase Leads

Over the past decade, I’ve spent countless hours building landing pages for my own websites and my clients.

With older, clunky web design platforms, building landing pages was more of a technical feat than anything else. Of course, we always had a marketing goal in mind, but often the lead pages barely resembled what we had planned at the beginning of the process.

Today, building responsive, good-looking landing pages is easy with services like Leadpages.net  and a myriad of WordPress plugins.

So, now that the technical challenge has receded, the new challenge is to create high-converting landing pages for every site.

This article from Derek Moryson over at Unbounce.com really helps me to focus on the correct elements and use laser focus to connect with potential clients. Here are the takeaways…

Every single landing page element has to be created with your “ideal customer” in mind.

If you fail to do that – if your headlines are borrowed or your images generic – then you’ll wind up with a landing page that addresses everyone but appeals to no one.


1. Does your image show your product in context? If you take away the copy, is your landing page still clear? If not, you need new images.


2. Does your headline motivate prospects to take action? Your headline should be clear about what your product does. That motivates prospects to take action.


3. Does your overall page design feel trustworthy? To ensure a trustworthy landing page, avoiding the word “spam” – especially in proximity to your CTA button.


4. Are you explaining what differentiates you from the competition? Have a look at your landing page. Does it have a clear Unique Value Proposition that is displayed prominently?


5. Are you clearly explaining what prospects are opting in for? “Opt-in forms are two-way conversations. Your prospects are giving up a lot of personal information – you’ve got to let them know what they’re getting in return.”

Check out the landing page examples and read all the details at Unbounce here…



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